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Un autre Jour Pour l'Amour


Planning a wedding is very hard, and planning the details of the ceremony are even harder.  We had no idea what to do until we met with Stacey.  We have never felt so comfortable with someone after just one cup of coffee.  Stacey knew all the right questions to ask us and was as excited about our wedding as we were.  She is super easy to talk to and open up to which helps in making the ceremony that much more special.  And our ceremony was amazing.  Our guests were still talking about the ceremony a month afterwards.  It was the most unique and detailed ceremony.  Everyone was in tears and everyone was laughing.  We could not have asked for a better experience. We will recommend Stacey for anyone’s wedding, she is absolutely amazing!!!! ~ Nicole & Jews


"Thank you so much for making our ceremony so special. It felt like you knew us although we just met that day! We appreciate your blend of humor and solemnity.  We would highly recommend Stacey. We were so pleased to have her officiate our wedding. She brought a lot to the ceremony, and at the same time put the limelight on us. She made it respectful and fun.” Cathy


When we began our search for an officiant for our wedding, we thought it might be difficult, as I came from a Catholic background, and my wife a non-denominational Native American spiritual tradition.  The officiants that we spoke to before Stacey were nice enough, but the “Aha!” moment we were hoping was lacking—that is, until we met Stacey!  Stacey was not only personable and charismatic, but also had the depth, and wisdom and spiritual weight that we really wanted in our wedding officiant.  Stacey is a consummate professional, and made the business of ceremony and vow preparation an easy process at what can be a very busy and occasionally hectic time.  Her presence at our wedding ceremony, and her valuable experience provided a sense of calm and reassurance that all would go well, and in fact, it went PERFECTLY!  We made the right choice when we chose Stacey to marry us, and would recommend to anyone considering her as an officiant for THEIR wedding that they make Stacey their choice as well.  We can’t imagine having chosen anyone better for the very important and meaningful job!


Tom and I can't thank you enough for the special trip you made to Los Angeles to officiate our wedding.  We wanted a small and intimate ceremony in Mom's living room in front of the Christmas tree, and it was.  The book you put together for us and the reading you composed based on the phone interviews were personal, appropriate and tear-inducing.  It really showed attention to detail and made us both feel like we knew you for a very long time (I know I have, but not Tom) which showed intuition and caring on your part.   I believe you have truly found your calling - to bind peoples hearts in matrimony.   Much love and appreciation, Jenn and Tom Otto


"Stacey had less than two weeks notice before performing our wedding ceremony. By the time we gave her all of our background info, she actually had less than five days to prepare our vows and create a beautifully tailored narrative. We were extremely impressed at how Stacey was able to put together such a personal and touching ceremony on such short notice. In our experience with Stacey's wedding officiant services, her outstanding creative talents shined brilliantly upon our gorgeous wedding day in the Eastern Sierra!" Leland and Stacey


After being engaged 6 years, having 3 children and living in 3 different countries we came to Mammoth on holiday.  On the Monday night, over a drink, we mused about it being the perfect location to elope and get married.  We called and emailed you on a whim wondering about your availability at 9pm.  By 12 noon on the Tuesday we were married!  Stacey, we can’t thank you enough or praise you enough for being an amazing celebrant and person.  Considering you married us only two hours after meeting us, it felt like you’d known us for a lot longer. Your ceremony made us both cry with overwhelming emotion and laugh with joy.  When we met you at the Gondola and they closed it, we both thought we’d not be married yet you whisked us off to a more stunning location - it was absolutely perfect.  You are truly an amazing celebrant with such warmth and humour.  Thank-you sincerely from us both: Michael and Kirst, Papua New Guinea.


When my husband and I wanted to get married in an intimate ceremony in Mammoth Lakes area, Stacy was recommended to us. She was an AWESOME officiant and helped make our special day go smoothly. She took the time to get to know us so she could tailor her part of the ceremony to be personal. She was willing to do most anything we wanted regarding location, attire, etc. We decided to marry at Twin Lakes in a very intimate sunset ceremony. Our wedding was just me, my husband, a professional photographer and Stacy (and her husband who was kind enough to come to the ceremony and act as a witness) up at the little outside chapel at Twin Lakes. It was perfect. We’d highly recommend Stacy if you’re planning on getting married up in Mammoth.  John and Sheri Tooley. ©2018

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